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High growth potential startups, SMEs and individual entrepreneurs love us because we value extraordinary and exciting ideas and most importantly the people behind them who understand the power of digital marketing and its profit potential. Established companies approach us because we deliver in a quick and effective way which stands out from previously achieved results. Our clients are real-life examples of businesses who have wished to either optimize their online presence, explore new online channels or start from scratch and we suspect you fall in one of those categories as well. In any case, we’re here to listen, help and feedback the knowledge we have gathered through the years.

Venture funds, angel investors and private financial sponsors choose us because we’re aware of the abundance of entrepreneurial spirit requiring funding nowadays and work hard with financing bodies to help them implement the methods necessary to filter the good from the bad. We do this by overseeing and measuring project potential and outcome, quality scoring, benchmarking and asking ourselves ‘what-if’ questions addressing both tomorrow and this time next year. We get straight to the point without sugar coating and back our opinion with hard data because there are many projects out there missing out on lucrative online opportunities or heading in the wrong direction. It is therefore absolutely vital that you assess how ‘healthy’ your investment is or might be and question whether it truly delivers.


We are a forward thinking British agency tailoring every solution based on individual factors that we like to define as ‘your strong selling points’. We offer a wide spectrum of digital marketing services and although the strategic approach to each of these is unique, the ethos to be flexible, transparent, and 100% results driven underlies all of our work. Our involvement with both investors and startups allows us to advice and implement the frameworks necessary to make your project work, succeed and stick around for longer. The lack of British agencies with a similar focus only goes to show the necessity of a constantly improved work process and enriched know-how in order to satisfy the demands of the ever changing industry dynamics and satisfy our client’s quality criteria.

Regardless of the project scale we like to know what will happen when, how, in what time frames and with what outcome. Our reports present figures backed up by factual statistics instead of arbitrary assumptions – a crucial basis for building strong, successful and durable campaigns and moving in the right direction instead of remaining static and repeatedly implementing the same process over and over again.

Our work methodology is strongly data and analysis oriented because ultimately we’d like you to grow, expand and explore new digital frontiers. This becomes possible by closely communicating ideas because we believe it’s important to hear what you have to say, so don’t hesitate to ask, question, comment or disagree. Our experience shows that this results in a symbiotic relationship which not only delivers results but also generates knowledge and helps you discover your business from a different perspective. We therefore highly value your involvement and hope you’ll appreciate our transparency and honesty on the topics of greatest significance to your business prosperity.

An extensive case study encompassing 3 channels – SEO, PPC and social media

  • ul-dotBuild a substantial, loyal and lucrative online customer base via PPC campaigns
  • ul-dotOptimise website and secure top Google rankings for the most common keywords
  • ul-dotImprove the customer-vendor relationship via social media

PayasUgym.com provides a new and unique way to get discount pay-as-you-go-gym passes. Having launched only last year it already covers a network of more than 250 gyms across the UK and is among the top 2011 Smarta 100 and Startups Top 20 winners. We have been working with these guys since their brand’s inception which, to us, exemplifies a best case client-agency relationship scenario. We developed a 3-pronged strategy that encompassed technical, content and off-site components covering (but not limited to) extensive link building, website re-development, content optimization, geo targeting, community establishment and messaging.

  • ul-dotOver 2,000 top #10 Google UK rankings beating LA Fitness,Fitness First and Virgin
  • ul-dot#2 on Google UK for “gym membership” in less than 4 months.
  • ul-dotCPA down by 70% and conversions up by more than 180%
  • ul-dotNet Facebook fan base growth 40% higher than that of Virgin Active

A lesson in how sharing PPC insights can produce massive revenue gains


Our client, one of the world’s first online casinos, wanted to increase their ROI from PPC across their multilingual campaigns, in over 20 countries and 15 languages, as their internal PPC team was struggling to keep up. They also needed their pay-per-click ads to have a tighter integration with their branded campaigns.


We set about creating a smooth and transparent PPC campaign that would develop and/or scale up PPC advertising in 20 countries and 15 languages by using a completely tailored reporting model and schedule to manage all the stakeholders. Because we were working so closely with the in-house PPC, SEO and TV teams, we were able to easily share insights and work together to target new opportunities. As the campaign was a global brand initiative, a lot was at stake for our client. We were able to successfully enter and manage a brand bidding war with competitors over some of the most coveted brand terms in the online casino space. This allowed us to capitalise on some new revenue opportunities and, actually lower the CPA.

  • ul-dotGenerate an additional £1 million in revenue.
  • ul-dotEnhance the impact of the TV campaign.
  • ul-dotReduce the cost per acquisition by 30% within the first 6 months.
  • ul-dotOpen up new business opportunities in the mobile space for our client.

Strong Content Driven SEO Campaign


carbon-investments.co.uk is an information portal keeping people up-to-date on carbon credit market facts, trends, news and investment opportunities. The web sites is managed and owned by the boutique lead generation company DEZZ (dezz.com) that has a number of web properties in the green investments sector. On the carbon-investments.co.uk website, our top 3 aims were to build strong domain authority, grow drastically increase organic traffic and surpass the Guardian and The Financial Times.


We set out to work directly with the tech team to create an SEO-friendly site and content categorization structure. We recommended and created better URL architecture and massive content distribution network through a number of relationships with industry specific influential bloggers. Those relationships led to a number of content syndication deals and tactics that delivered a high exposure of the web site across the English speaking world. The link building tactics that we used for carbon-investments.co.uk included paid directory submissions, blogger outreach campaigns, reviews, etc. We implemented a global SEO campaign which placed special focus on several specific industries and search terms.

  • ul-dot#1 on Google.com for “carbon investments” in less than 4 months.
  • ul-dot#2 on Google UK for “carbon credits” in less than 6 months.
  • ul-dotBeating The Guardian and The Financial Times!

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